The INADcure Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit charity whose mission is to support the development of treatments, including a cure, for Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy (INAD) and other forms of PLA2G6-related neurodegeneration (PLAN).

We seek to educate the public about INAD and related genetic disorders, to advocate for better access to treatment, and to support the families and caregivers of children diagnosed with INAD.


Our vision is to live in a world where INAD is effectively diagnosed, treated, and cured – so not one more child has to suffer from this devastating disease.

The INADcure Foundation carries out its mission by:

Scientific Research: For Better Treatment & A Cure

The INADcure Foundation was formed to fund scientific research for treatments and a cure for INAD and other forms of PLA2G6-related neurodegeneration (PLAN). The Foundation will identify and fund the most promising INAD research projects and will forge partnerships with academic institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to accelerate the development of treatments. Our Grants Program supports:

  • Promising research into gene therapy already underway at universities in the United States and abroad;
  • New research projects into gene therapy;
  • Natural history studies by university researchers in the field of NBIA disorders and;
  • The development of drug treatments to extend life for children with INAD and related disorders.

Support: Connecting Families to Each Other & Helpful Resources

We are the only U.S. based nonprofit dedicated exclusively to INAD community. We provide up-to-date information to diagnosed families regarding the disease and current research initiatives. We also provide support to families through a private forum in which to exchange information, ideas and advice. The online discussion forum is restricted to families, caregivers, and medical and scientific professionals who have direct connections with individuals who have been diagnosed with INAD.

Advocacy: Raising Awareness

We hope to make our network of families and advocates a powerful voice. Join us as we raise awareness for INAD within the community, including the medical profession, and advocate for improved outcomes for our children.